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Introducing the Kelly Wilkinson Foundation: Empowering Families Affected by Domestic Violence

A note from the founder

I am Danielle Carroll, the sister of Kelly Wilkinson, whose life was tragically taken from us in April 2021 due to domestic violence. Kelly's untimely passing has left an indelible mark on our lives and inspired us to take action in supporting other families who have faced similar heart-wrenching circumstances. Alongside my husband Rhys and our five children, we have opened our hearts and home to Kelly's three children, who experienced the unimaginable at such tender ages of 8, 6, and 2.

Today, I am proud to introduce the Kelly Wilkinson Foundation, a maternal wrap-around service aimed at restoring normality for secondary victims of DV and easing the financial burden for families caring for them. The principal purpose of the Foundation is to provide short and long-term benevolent relief to secondary victims of DV and their caregivers in the form of financial and practical assistance.

The Foundation has been established as we recognise that the economic circumstances of secondary victims and their caregivers can dramatically change because of DV homicide. We also recognise the importance of community and continued access to ‘quality of life’ activities and other educational and developmental endeavors.

I hope that you will join me in carrying out the Foundation’s mission.

The Kelly Wilkinson Foundation is a beacon of hope for secondary survivors of domestic violence and their caregivers. We empower and support those affected while moving towards a world filled with safety, dignity and compassion and free from violence.

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How You Can Help

As we embark on this noble journey, we warmly invite individuals, organizations, and businesses to join our cause. By supporting the Kelly Wilkinson Foundation, you become a part of the village we are building in honor of Kelly, and together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

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